Issue 1

Issue 1's cover is inspired by Yann Rousselot's poem, Post-Human Neo-Tokyo.

Table of Contents

Rentrée, Letter from the Editor by Alex Manthei
The Game Where We Pretend To Be Things, Poetry by Evan Knight
One Hundred Years of Solitude, Photos by Sabine Dundure
Be True to Your School, Prose by Steven D Stark
Patent Pending, Video by Doug Nicholas
Whitman's Beard, Poetry by shali Nicholas
Le Temps, Art by Rery
The Quiet Limit, Prose by Francesca Whitlum-Cooper
Having Coffee With You, Poetry by Jacob Jans
La Nuit Est Une Dimension, Art by Rery
Post-Human Neo-Tokyo, Poetry by Yann Rousselot
The Party is Over, Art by Fabio Sassi
A Writer's Prerogative, Prose by Helene Ericsson
Indéfinissable, Art by Rery
Washing Cars With John Kennedy Toole, Poetry by Ben Norris


Sabine Dundure is a photographer from Riga, Latvia. If she could be anything else, she'd be a cat. She'd make an awesome cat. But as she has no fur or whiskers and possesses only one life, she has to keep taking photos. That is, until the day she figures out how to become a cat.

Helene Ericsson studies at the Swedish Red Cross University College. She writes poetry and fiction and letters. ericssonhelene at gmail dot com

Jacob Jans is a poet, web editor, and recovering New Yorker who now lives in Bellingham, Wa. Jacob once wrote a sonnet every hour for twenty-four hours straight. He loves to hike, cook, and read. He can be contacted at jpjans at gmail dot com.

Evan Knight is a guy from Nebraska who often writes poems to share with people. He currently lives, works, and studies in Paris, where he can be reached at knightev at gmail dot com.

Doug Nicholas. douglas dot nicholas at gmail dot com

shali Nicholas lives and teaches in the San Bernardino mountains. Her favorite color is orange and she also likes elephants. Recipes for vegetarian chili can be found at

Ben Norris is an actor, writer, and spoken-word artist. Originally from Nottingham, UK, he now lives in Birmingham, where he is studying English and Creative Writing. He is also a multiple poetry slam champion and a former international long-distance runner.

Rery is a freelance web consultant, illustrator, and creator of the art site Artchipel. Born in Taiwan, she grew up in Montreal and lives in Paris where she was the Senior Marketing & Communication Manager for French cosmetic brands L'Oréal and Yves Rocher. She's an avid Tumblr, where her work can be found, here.

Yann Rousselot is a British/Breton translator and writer living in Paris. His work appears in AUP’s Paris/Atlantic Journal, The Newer York, Thought Catalog, the Bastille and the Belleville Park Pages. He often wonders what it would feel like to walk on the surface of a neutron star. yesrousselot at gmail dot com

Fabio Sassi lives in Bologna, Italy. He makes acrylics with the stencil technique. He uses what is considered to have no worth by the mainstream. He shoots with an analog camera.

Steven D Stark is a Boston artist and writer of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

Francesca Whitlum-Cooper is writing a PhD on itinerant eighteenth-century pastellists. She lives in Paris, where she enjoys writing fiction, practising headstands, and making faux-pas in French. fran dot whitlumcooper at gmail dot com

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