Coltrane, you can’t play everything at once!
​ – Miles Davis

Maybe not maybe not all maybe not all at
once but all the notes and then some

See what I’m trying for hoping to go to
get to is somewhere nobody’s been

Playing always playing like it might be
my last chance to do whatever’s left

No see it’s not me I’m just some sort of
channel through which things flow

Air mostly breath but a spirit too not
just my own no more an essence

I feel I’m just beginning again finding the
life side of this music this universe

I know now that’s what music is can be a
reflection of the cosmos in miniature

I haven’t gotten there yet but I’m beginning
to see a way I might make it happen

I try my best to get to where spontaneous inspired
I’m ready to take whatever comes and be glad

The people too can give you something
make you play a way you never could

But if I ever feel like I’m only playing notes
I’ll just stop bow out shut it down

It’s more than beauty you want to give the listener
a picture of all the wonderful things we know

And hey maybe I can’t play everything all
at once but I can try Miles I can try