Two Words For is an online creative literary and arts publication devoted to fresh, original writing on those who came before. Alex Manthei (@xoalexo) is the Editor and Justin Barr Young (@theJayBeeWhy) designs and develops the site.

The magazine features new pieces regularly, organized loosely into issues which coincide with major site updates. It's built in Los Angeles and edited in Paris, Amsterdam, and New York. Since its inception on a train between Amsterdam and Utretch through Holland – from a conversation on authors of the past and new technology – Two Words For has existed equally as a traditional arts and literary magazine and as an experiment in smart and Responsive web design. It's optimized for reading on most any device – from phone to tablet to desktop – while at the same time devoted to the traditions, typographies, and spirit of printing.

It’s set in Merriweather and Futura PT and is built with HTML5, LESS CSS, JavaScript, and PHP on the Anchor platform using a custom theme. It contains fonts by Adobe Typekit and from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy, with social integration from SocialCount, by Filament Group. It's hosted by (mt) Media Temple.

We called our first beta release Issue 0. Built with WordPress, it was an ambitious plan to build a single-page, app-like magazine featuring over thirty inaugural pieces, complete with sweeping animations and huge, beautiful imagery. The end result looked amazing and the positive feedback encouraged us to continue the enterprise. Unfortunately, the first version was huge in a literal sense. Slow bandwidth or mobile browsers didn't agree with Issue 0. So we completely rebuilt on another platform to perform better as the site you're reading now.

Guidelines and submissions

You can find our guidelines and submit on our Submittable page. We ask authors and artists to name the figures that inspired them. But to overcome those names and make something new. We're always open to submissions.

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You can find out more about us on Facebook, Twitter, and Duotrope, as well as in our newsletter.

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